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 pngmirna2.png Mirna (pictured here with the love of her life, Tanner) is the woman responsible for the current face of Angel and Vilma's Original Route 66 Gift Shop.  After owning her own business for years, Mirna realized that her parents needed some extra help at their growing Route 66 gift shop.  Her intent was to briefly come back to Seligman to help out for a few of the busiest months of the year but after witnessing the unexpected popularity of Route 66 by the growing number of tourists from all over the world, she knew she must stay.  Mirna has spent the last 17 years dedicating herself to taking care of her parents and helping to foster a prosperous family business catering to an international clientele.  She is an energetic fun-loving person who has created a truly wonderful and happy environment for both her staff and customers. 
pngclarissa.png Clarissa (also known as "Lodi") is Angel's youngest child and started working here at the age of 10 when it was a pool hall and barber shop.  She would relieve her dad for lunch and was responsible for a pool hall full of railroad workers and high schoolers!  After living in San Diego and Flagstaff, Clarissa moved back to Seligman with her husband Mauricio in August 2006 to help Mirna run the growing family business.  Although initially skeptical about moving back to her hometown, Clarissa now loves being close to her family, getting to work with her husband, and believes this to be the most rewarding job she has ever had.  She loves seeing how people react to her Dad every day.  Their admiration for him fills her heart with pride.  Clarissa believes that Route 66 touches people from all over the world and through it we are all connected.  Clarissa and Mauricio love to travel and when at home in Seligman they keep busy with their adorable yorkshire terriers: Bogie their little angel, Harley their little rebel, and Armani their perfect gentleman.
pngmauricio.png Mauricio, a.k.a. "Maurice", a.k.a. "Mo", is the man.  Literally, he is the only man that works here (besides Angel).  Having the great pleasure of being Clarissa's husband, he has worked here since they moved to Seligman in 2006. Clarissa was told many times that she would never find a husband as kind and wonderful as her father, but she did!  Before moving to Seligman, Mauricio was an optician in Flagstaff (during which time he was able to meet George Clooney, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg, and Spike Jones during the filming of the movie The Three Kings) but he was born to be the truly great ambassador for Route 66 that he is now.  He is enthustiastic about Route 66 history and the impact that Angel has made on the world.  He is a great conversationalist and makes friends instantly. He loves talking to travelers from all over the world since traveling is one of his passions as well.  He has traveled to Europe, Mexico, many locations in the Carribean, and throughout the United States.  Even though he loves to see the world, he is happy to come back to his little Route 66 town with small town values and no stop lights that has a rich nostalgic history that embraces the world. (If you have the blu-ray edition of CARS you can see Mauricio getting a shave from Angel on the special features!)
pngsandy2.png If you have ever been in our store and remember that someone was so incredibly nice to you that you were shocked, it was Sandy. Sandy is originally from Rhode Island and has lived in Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, and then thankfully she moved back to Arizona. She started working at the Original Route 66 Gift Shop in 2010 and has always gone the extra mile to help our customers with any questions they have or help they need.  Sandy has referred to herself as a “delight junkie” and she really does love all the smiles that come through our front door every day. She also brings smiles to her coworkers with her great attitude and by the many amazing crafting gifts she makes. Sandy is definitely our local crafting queen who can seem to make anything and everything. In so many ways, we are lucky to have Sandy!
pnglexi.png Lexi has been at Angel & Vilma's Route 66 Gift Shop since April of 2011.  She and her husband moved to the beautiful countryside 17 miles outside of Seligman to raise their two children Clint and Skylar.  For over 19 years she has been enjoying living the rural life here in Northern Arizona, cooking, gardening and having fun with her family.  She says that raising her amazing kids, now 20 and 17 years old, is the best and most fulfilling job she has ever had but she likes working here too!  She enjoys getting to meet people from all around the world and it inspires her desire to travel, especially to Greece and Japan.
pngnicole2.png Nicole began working here in November of 2012. Originally from Oregon, she spent many summers working at a cannery in Ketchikan, Alaska and attended college in Eugene, Oregon and then Austin, Texas where she graduated from the University of Texas. With an adventurous spirt her husband and she moved to Seligman in 2005 without knowing a soul in the entire state of Arizona. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine they would be living in this small town 10 years later with such a loving community and great friends. Nicole enjoys working on the marketing materials for the shop, creating and maintaining the new website, and collecting history on Angel and Seligman. She loves the fact that she gets to enjoy all the benefits of living in a small town but still gets to meet people from all over the world every day.
pnglinda2.png Linda started here with us in April of 2014. Although a native Arizonan, Linda has lived many places including Estes Park, Colorado, Harmony Wyoming, and Kanab, Utah.  Before ending up in Seligman she lived in Cascabel, Arizona. During her travels she has had an interesting array of jobs including wagon driver, ranch cook, and vis-a-vis driver/tour guide.  And now Linda plays the part of our in-store tour guide, telling the people of the world the history of Seligman, and the inspirational story of Angel Delgadillo.  She loves talking cars, antiques, and Route 66.  And since those are the popular topics in a Route 66 gift shop, she is a great addition to the Original Route 66 Gift Shop, museum, and visitor's center!
pngcarley.png We have been lucky enough to work with Carley since June of 2014. Unfortunately Carley only works part-time due to the fact she also works at the Seligman Elementary School as a paraprofessional in the K-2nd grade classroom.  Since graduating Seligman High School in 2012, Carley worked as a waitress at both the Roadkill Café and Westside Lilo’s before she got her jobs at the school and with us. Carley has a wonderful extended family here in Seligman that she enjoys going four-wheeling with and she says they provide her with plenty of tough love. She also has a very confident, opinionated, and adorable 6 year old daughter named Haileigh who keeps Carley on her toes (and accuses Nicole of cheating at Legos.)


 Well, we liked working with Carley so much that we decided we also needed her Mom, Donna, to work here.  Donna is the wife of Danny, the mother of Carley as well as two other wonderful children, Ashley and Daniel, and grandmother to three adorables named Haileigh, Dallas, and Archer.  Donna has lived in Seligman her whole life and is one of the reasons it is such a wonderful place to live.  Donna's mother Louise owned and ran the famed Route 66 restaurant, The Copper Cart, for many years including the day Angel held the meeting there that birthed the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona.  We are so very lucky to get to spend our days with such a hard working and fun loving person such as Donna.







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