Andreas Feininger's "Route 66" Poster

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In 1947, Andreas Feininger immortalized our town of Seligman, Arizona in his iconic photograph "Route 66" taken for LIFE magazine.

Most people don't know that this very famous photograph is Seligman - so you will be one of the few trusted with the secret.  When you come to Seligman you will not find any of the buildings that are in this famous photograph, but if you stand on the west side of town and look east, you can see the same landscape that was there in 1947.  

Also there are two pictures, one with a bus and one without. Some of the posters you will find show 1947, some show 1953.  Obviously the pictures were taken seconds apart, not years.  We are not really sure what the story is behind that.  If you solve the mystery, let us know!

This poster measures 22" x 28" and is made of high quality paper MADE IN THE USA!