Come Visit Us


On June 1st we reopened after our closure due to Covid-19.

We are currently open 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm.

In order to have a safe space to allow easy social distancing, our plan is to have only 10 people in the store at a time. Our staff will be wearing masks for the benefit of our customers and we will be asking that our customers wear masks for the benefit of our staff as well as other customers.

Please feel free to call and make an appointment to come visit us. It is very slow right now in Seligman so we will be working on projects throughout the store. Therefore, an advance notice would help us prepare for your visit. In the future, when business starts picking up, an appointment would help us make sure the store is available to you on your arrival.

We look forward to opening. But we also look forward to it being slow. It is an opportunity for us to travel back in time to 1987 when Route 66 was reborn as a historic highway. We will experience what Angel and Vilma had experienced, a more relaxed time when fewer visitors meant more quality time, better customer service, and a more enriching experience for each traveler. We hope to see you!


Call us at 928-422-3352 if you have any questions or if you would like to let us know you are coming.


Where is Seligman Arizona? Here it is. Come visit the Birthplace of Historic Route 66 along the longest remaining stretch of Route 66 in the USA.


If you need a place to stay in Seligman here is a list of our local accomodations and their phone numbers:

Supai Motel: 928-422-4153

Stagecoach Motel: 928-422-3470

Romney Motel: 928-422-4673

KOA Kampground: 928-422-3358

Historic Route 66 Motel: 928-422-3204

Deluxe Inn: 928-422-3244

Canyon Lodge: 928-422-3255

Aztec Motel: 928-422-3055


If you want to plan where you are going to eat while you are here, here are our restaurants:

Westside Lilo's: 928-422-5456

The Snow Cap: 928-422-3291

Roadkill Cafe: 928-422-3554

Roadrunner: 928-422-4844

The Pizza Joint: 928-422-4788

A & W Burgers: 928-422-3624