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Mother Road Buck

Made in the U.S.A.

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The Mother Road Buck celebrates 90 years of Route 66: 1926 – 2016!

Mother Road Bucks are actually gift certificates, valued at face value ($1 U.S.). You can buy a Mother Road Buck in one location along Route 66 in Arizona and spend it in another or keep it as a souvenir, much like a Disney Dollar.

Participating locations currently include:

About the Mother Road Buck:

  • The Mother Road Buck is designed in the Art Deco style of the 1920’s with graphics, colors and font styles of the era.
  • The term “buck” is ubiquitous vernacular for a unit of currency the world over.
  • On the front is a famous picture of brothers Juan and Angel Delgadillo sitting in the middle of Route 66 symbolizing the day U.S. Highway 66 was decommissioned and traffic stopped.
  • The metallic foil imprint of “ONE” and the numerals “1” on the right side of the note are copper to celebrate Arizona as the “Copper State”. Inspection of this feature is also how to tell if a buck is the Real McCoy, as it is not ink and cannot be duplicated with a copy machine.
  • The building on the reverse side of the Mother Road Buck is the Historic Powerhouse in Kingman. It is home of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona Memory Lane Gift Shop and office. The Powerhouse was the first renovation project funded by the efforts of the Association.
  • Each note has a unique serial number, another safety feature of the Mother Road Buck.
  • Mother Road Bucks are accepted at face value at participating locations in Arizona and do not expire, so you can always come back and spend them with us!